Client:  A new small, private medical facility in the Pacific Northwest.

Problem:  A nearby competitor attracts most of the sales in the local area. The client would like to do whatever they can within a budget to generate phone calls and appointments from the internet.

Solution:  The competitor had a much larger lot in a nicer area than our client. They had room for custom landscaping and had high quality photos on their site. This limited the advantages our client could highlight on their own website.

There are any number of ways to generate calls and sales using the internet. We opted to invest in long term strategies and promote the treatment providers as the most compassionate in the local area.

This included:

  • Leveraging social media accounts that were barely used
  • Creating high quality and evergreen blog content
  • Improving the Google listing of the facility
  • Implementing SEO best practices on existing pages, including increasing mobile readiness, adding microdata, and editing titles, headings, metadata and more.


In 6 months we saw:

  • 5x increase in calls as measured by Callrails
  • 10x increase in Facebook followers
  • 8x increase in Google Search Impressions
  • 3x increase in Google ranked keywords (approximately 10 to 30)
a comprehensive digital marketing plan can lead to increased call volume

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