Client:  A small company in the medical industry that offered referrals over the phone and internet.  The company made a commission from any customers they successfully referred.

Problem:  Create content such as articles (blog posts) & graphics that will bring people to the company website.  Target an audience that is likely to need the services the website offers.

Solution:  Articles that will bring visitors to the site need to appear high in search engine results so that people are more likely to click on them.  In addition, these topics and articles need to remain relevant for months or years so that they can gain more popularity over time.  (Commonly called “evergreen” content.)

First, we selected topics to write about that will target the correct audience.  We picked topics that would continue to generate searches and wouldn’t need frequent updates.  Then we researched potential keywords surrounding these topics to find the most efficient way to garner search impressions.  Finally we created original content using these keywords and SEO best practices.  The content included long, sectioned articles, relevant photos, and infographics. The campaign created regularly scheduled content for the website. 


  • Triple traffic in 6 months
  • Consistent website visitor engagement via comment section
  • Several top ten keywords
  • Continued traffic drivers
  • No Ad Costs!

Around 6 weeks after the campaign started with content creation (mid 2017), the website began to see accelerated growth.  Within 6 months the search engine traffic had more than tripled. 

The articles tended to target long tail keywords with small monthly search volumes.  But the few visits added up.  The following data from early 2018 demonstrates the top 3 most popular articles from the site.  The keywords are obscured to protect the client but they’re color coded by article.  The “purple” article was written before the “green” article, which is why it was more popular at that time.

One note about the “blue” article is that it only did well with one specific keyword combination.  But it brought visitors to the website because that keyword was searched hundreds of times a day. This an illustration of the way both long tail and short tail keywords can be excellent tools in content creation and digital marketing.

Creating content with the right keywords can bring traffic to a website

Even moving forward these articles (and eventually a few others) continued to bring people to the website.  The website as a whole is much more popular now.  But these three articles are still the most popular pages in search results for the entire website.  Combined, they count for over 70% of the website’s search engine visitors in March 2020.

High quality content isn’t intended to produce immediate spikes in visitors to a website (like you might see from paid advertising).  But it doesn’t require ongoing investment, and it continues to provide dividends for months or years after the initial implementation of the content.  For this reason, evergreen content creation is an efficient tool for organic, long term growth.

Focused content creation ended up bringing over 70% of this site's search traffic

Full disclosure: The “blue” article was planned and written by a previous co-worker.  Jackalope members planned and created the “purple” and “green” articles.

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